Duplicator Pro



Duplicator Pro

Adalah plugin backup dan migrasi yang akan memudahkan hidup anda ketika harus berhadapatan dengan website yang perlu di backup atau di migrasikan ke server lain atau ke domain berbeda. Plugin ini akan mengcloning website anda dan dengan mudah anda pindahkan ke tempat lain .


Silahkan cek url dibawah ini sebelum order :

Duplicator Pro

Setelah OK mantap dengan fitur2 nya , anda bisa melanjutkan order premium plugin ini di TOKOWP dengan harga Rp. 50rb saja untuk unlimited domain dan free update 1 tahun dari kami .

Move WordPress With Ease

Bundle your web site within a package.

Copy package after recent host/domain.

Browse according to the installer wizard.

Cloud Backups

Back on to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon S3 because Immune storage.

Other Handy Features

Multisite Support
Besides value individual sites, Duplicator Pro supports multisite community backup & migration. You execute even deploy a subsite so a standalone site!

Large Database Support
The ability to manually inhalant a SQL bring ability absolutely extensive databases are in modern times supported.

Backup Limits
Limit thine wide variety regarding stored backups. So you don’t enroll up your Dropbox together with 423 preceding backups & assist maintain thy endpoints clean

Filter Data
Filter only the directories, files, extensions or database tables you want according to backup

Auto Database Creation
Easily pick existing cPanel databases & users yet propagate modern ones barring constantly leaving the installer.

Easy Plugin Updates
Each allow gets ye a completed 12 months about manufacture updates then use the WordPress update rule you are meanwhile familiar with.

Email Notifications
Know directly when Duplicator has problems along a backup, instances outdoors and desires partial attention.

Large Site Support
The overhauled package deal machine is quicker and works better including larger sites. 2GB+ on near price range hosts & 10GB+ about higher cease hosts.

Database File
Easy get entry to after only the database file for consideration should ye solely necessity in imitation of fix a database.

Advanced Options
Tons about superior alternatives in imitation of personalize thine WordPress backup or personalize thine install.